Monday, March 11, 2013

Sentimental and stuff

March 4th – March 10th

Well Monday was rather uneventful. I wasted a bit of money today on the Metro… more so than I really should have. Lol I had a meeting with my program advisor at 10:30, so I was going to just stay at the Residential and Academic Facility (RAF) until the seminar started at 1. Unfortunately, I forgot that the seminar’s dress code was business professional; I was just wearing jeans and a polo. Needless to say, I went back to Solaire and changed into a suit! The seminar didn’t seem to apply to what I plan on going into at all, so I thought it was boring. It was just about some White House Fellowship thing. That evening was rather relaxing. I worked out, ate, read, did some shopping, and watched a movie. When I was trolling about on Facebook, I came across a post from a friend. She posted a song from my band, Brother Rabbit (which all of you should go check out). I was overwhelmed with nostalgia. I got caught up in the memories of my favorite gigs, fun jam sessions, and recording. I really miss playing with them. The sad thing, however, is that even when I go back and start playing with them again, it won’t be the same. Ryon (lead guitar/vocals) and Joel (Lead guitar as well) both moved away. I will still have Gabe and Susie, but it won’t be the old band since two key members are gone. I hear the replacements are great, so I am excited about getting to jam with them! The whole feeling of reminiscing a past life made me think of all the different stages of life I have been through. I have had so many phases of life characterized by certain events and people; its fun, and sad at the same time, to just think back at my journey of life so far. I have had so many friends who have come and gone. I have gone on so many trips. I have had so many life experiences. I have been so fortunate to live the life that I have lived, met the people I have met, and done the things that I have done. If I had skipped anyone or any experience, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. After that, I got thinking about my life to come. I am mostly done with my junior year. It is so crazy to think that around two and a half years ago I was just beginning my college career; time seems to go buy so much quicker the older you get. Soon, I will be off to graduate school, and then a career after that.  It is so weird to think that soon I will not see the same people I have seen almost everyday for two and a half years in a row. Sadly enough, most of them will just float on into my past like those who did from high school and elementary school before. I feel like this whole trip to D.C. is a training session of what is to come. Here, I do not see my best friends everyday of the week. I cannot just go chill at home with my family and play with the dogs. I am temporarily cut off from all of them for three months, well I guess just two months now. I feel like I will be able to handle my long-term separation from those I love after I graduate.

The rest of the week was really uneventful. My weeks are running together. The only thing that I really remember doing is helping a resident of the Community Living Center (CLC), which is essentially a nursing home, print off some of his artwork. The printer in his room ran out of ink, so we had to find him another way to print it. We got it figured out, and we also found out a way for him to get more ink for his printer! The CLC residents can leave the CLC with a responsible adult, so Lauryn and I talked to the powers at be to take him out on an excursion. That will be next Tuesday. The only other thing I really remember was making a spreadsheet of the grad school programs for Industrial Organizational Psychology that I am interested in on Friday. Lauryn went home for the weekend, and it was a slow day, so I did that most of the day; Diane let me go home early too, which was nice!

That weekend, I went a friend’s house out near Vienna, Virginia, and explored that area. We finished season 1 of Modern Family, which is hilarious, played video games, went to some thrift shops, saw Oz, and drove around George Mason University, which is one of the grad schools I am interested in. 

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