Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sec. 01-02. The Wait Is Over

Investigative Interns for the Maryland County Office Of The Public Defender
I’ve waited a long time to be in the position I’m currently in. I didn’t know going into the end of my junior year I would actually be in Washington, DC and interning at the Montgomery County’s office Public Defenders. So you may ask, what have you been waiting for waiting for? I waited for an opportunity, like working for Office of the Public Defender, so I can learn how to be a better student, professional, set higher standards for myself and create a network with people who can aid in my transformation. That long wait molded me for what the nation’s capital has to offer.
    For the past two weeks I haven’t been able to blog because I've been investing my time settling into my internship site. Firstly, I had to go through what is known as, Informational Investigative Training. The training prepped us for the role and responsibility of an investigator and the challenges we will encounter on a day-to-day basis.  What I love the most, as an investigator, is that my work is valued. The Office of Public Defender utilizes their interns to limit the need of outside paid investigators. The job entails taking witness statements, writing legal documents like subpoenas, and being ready for any other request by an attorney.
    After going through a long week of training, I am now working hand in hand with attorneys on their cases. The subpoenas that I write are used to acquire evidentiary documents or for an individuals to appear in court. The ability to speak Spanish extends the range of cases and attorneys I work with. I’m allowed to interview clients and witnesses in Spanish to get their statements.  I also aid in conversations between clients and attorneys by interpret Spanish to English and vice versa. Lastly, I strategically analyze jail calls, email, text messages, 911 calls, and surveillance videos, like police interrogation, for evidence that may self-incriminate, or support our clients. 

    With two weeks and counting, I have not had a dull day at the office. Working with the public defenders keeps me fascinated and I get the privilege to influence people’s lives on a daily basis. So far, this has been a fruitful experience. I’m able to use the skills and knowledge I've acquired thus far in my college and personal experiences to excel. What else would you say is rewarding? Not only am I gaining new skills on top of what I already knew, I am also strengthening my previous skills.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sec. 01-01. A Pleasure and A Blessing All In One

My team for Scavenger Hunt 
Hello, my name is Necas Collins and I would like to start out by saying, I am here all the way from, Claremore, OK to represent Rogers State University and myself. Thus far, my journey in Washington, DC, has been a pleasure and a blessing all in one.

I am honored to be the first student athlete from my university to receive this prestigious scholarship to attend the Washington Center Academic Program, while interning at the Montgomery Public Defender’s Office. The opportunity presented, has been one of the best academic accomplishment in my life thus far. The Washington Center focuses on the transformation of students into professional leaders of tomorrow’s world. I have it in my intentions to mimic a sponge and absorb as much knowledge and understanding as capable. I am sure this will be a life changing experience as well.
Bryant Park

34th and 7 AVE
    Prior to my arrival in The Nation’s Capital, I had the privilege to spend two weeks in New York City with family members, while preparing for my summer internship program. I also had the opportunity to venture into the city of Manhattan to experience some of its magnificent sceneries. The skyscraper, bright lights, activities, and the relentless bustle of people will astonish anyone. My last day was spent in Central Park, which is one of my favorites.

    I left New York City on the 28th of May and an embarked on this journey starting with a four and ½ hour drive. Unfortunately, it was extended into a five and ½ hour drive because of a heavy downpour of rain. Upon arriving at The Washington Center, I checked into my room, unpacked my luggage, and met my roommates. So far, my roommate is welcoming. Together, will be working at the Montgomery District Court for the Public Defender’s office, we also will be taking the same class while we are here.
United States Capitol Building

Museum of Natural Hisory

On Thursday after my orientation, my roommate and I took a 15min run to the White House, the United States Capitol building, and back to our apartment. On Friday, I had met students who are law and criminal justice majors in the program. Together we had to partake in a scavenger hunt in the city; this hunt had us all over the capital from searching for historical locations to Museums, my adviser used this as a strategy for us to get familiar with the city we will call home for the next ten weeks. My group and I took full advantage of the hunt; we went to visit Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, National capitol, and other Historical sites in the city.
On Saturday my roommate and I, along with other students did a “dry run” to familiarize ourselves with the area we will be interning. We wanted to be prepared and have an idea of our trip beforehand to prevent any complications. Overall, the commute is about 45 minutes long. 

On Sunday a couple colleagues and I, took a trip to the Billy Goat Trail for a Hiking experience, the scenery was glorious. This was one of the first times I went hiking and it was a great experience. Even though it was great, it was not easy going through the trail. When I reflect back on my purpose for being here, I can relate it to the hike. I have new surroundings; everything is glorious; the task to complete will not be easy, but the task will be completed as long as I persevere. 
Darlington Memorial Fountain - Judiciary Square

Images Captured at the Museum Of Natural History

The pictures below was captured during my  hiking trip, with an addition of the Washington Monument.  

Hiking Trip
Washington  Monument
The Billy Goat Trail