Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Being an Intern

What a crazy busy summer, and it just keeps getting busier as it gets closer to being over. I’d use the expression a “snowball effect,” but I can’t bring myself to do it with the stifling heat that’s taken over the city. It feels like a sauna every time I step outside. Aside from the weather, D.C. has continued to be absolutely awesome and keeps throwing new stuff at me each day. My supervisor connected me with the National Park Service and I’ve had the chance to do some training with them during the work week and I’ll have the opportunity to do more this fall, thanks to the work of multiple RSU professors who have helped me with scheduling. The National Park Service has a lot of sweet government job opportunities in emergency medicine and search and rescue, which would be a dream job for me. D.C. is a city that’s all about networking, and I’m finally realizing the importance of making those connections. I love D.C.

The internship has been good fun, but some of the best experiences have been those I’ve had off of the clock lately. Last weekend, I went with a friend up to Boston to watch the Red Sox play the Yankees at Fenway. I will venture to say that it is the highlight of my summer here on the east coast. We also walked the Freedom Trail through Boston, before we headed down to Philadelphia to see landmarks like Eastern State Penitentiary, Rocky’s Steps, Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell. The baseball and the history that surrounded us made it a great trip, and we finished it off by watching half a dozen episodes of Suits (the true cherry on top of all the awesome).

This weekend, I went with a coworker to see the city of Annapolis and partake of traditional Maryland cuisine: crabs smothered with Old Bay seasoning. They were delicious. She picked me up from the metro station and we drove to the old city, and we spent a few hours just roaming the streets and shopping. They had a pottery shop that was undeniably amazing, and tons of waterfront stores to explore. When we were done in the town, we went to a beach on the Chesapeake Bay and swam in the half-salt, half-fresh water before kicking back to sunbathe. Having missed out on my usual summer at the lake, it was cool to have some time by the water here on the coast. Today I worked on a few documents I had to edit and went out with a friend to watch the new movie Wolverine at a theater in Chinatown (honestly, “Chinablock” would be more appropriate, it’s a small area). In all, weekends have been the greatest part of the summer, and that means a lot considering how cool the internship site and the office are.

I’ll be back to home sweet home in just under two weeks. My class has two assignments due tomorrow night, and the Washington Center expects a finished capstone project from me next Monday. Yayyyy, homework (I hear that there is this mythical time in the future where I won’t have homework ever again…pshh, it can’t truly exist). The pace is really picking up in these last few days of the summer. I’ll catch a plane on the Saturday before classes start and be back in Oklahoma that afternoon. If I’m not completely zonked out when I get in from my flight, I plan to move in to the dorms on the same day. We’ll see how that one turns out. I love being busy and the next couple of weeks promise not to disappoint. I try to keep in mind a quote that’s been reiterated to me by a great professor: “Don’t panic.” Advice taken, towel packed.

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