Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sec. 01-03. A Breath Taking, Dazzling and Crowded Independence Day!

Washington D.C. is an awesome place to watch the Independence Day firework show. I am glad I was able to witness the scenery, as the fireworks lavished the nation’s capital over the Washington monument. The anticipation leading up to this historical event was stimulating; everyone insisted that there is no place like D.C. on Fourth of July. Well they were right. It definitely lived up to the expectations.
I started out the day very relaxed and had lunch with a mentor while we watched the world cup quarterfinals between France and Germany. Later that day we went to a local Thai restaurant and it was my first time eating Thai food. It was amazing. While at dinner, we enjoyed the final world cup quarterfinals game of the day between Brazil and South American who are rivals of Columbia. This game was a blast and it was intense and emotional. The tournament MVP James Rodriguez heroic performance for Columbia was over, and the home team star Neymar broke a vertebra in his back during the game, which also put an end to his presence in the tournament. 

This is my third time celebrating July 4th in America even though I am Jamaican. I am accustomed to spending the fourth with my family in Long Island, New York and our style of celebrating is family barbecuing, dominoes, and family games. Then in the evening, we would gather in my uncle’s living room to watch the firework events going on in New York City. Nothing beats spending time with family, but the dazzling combination of the crowd and the Fireworks display, momentarily filled that void. Being in D.C. for Independence Day gives a distinct feeling, which translates into a more meaningful Fourth of July experience. Thousands of people gathered the streets with the same enthusiasm, as I watched the launching of the fireworks. The experience went beyond what I had imagined. Watching the show at the national mall as the dazzling fireworks shoot right over the Washington monument was a sight of perfection. The combination of the people, the vibrant dazzling colors and sounds of the fireworks lit up the entire city. This Fourth of July was special, breath taking and defiantly an experience I will treasure. 

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