Saturday, January 31, 2009

The First Week is a Success

After many sad goodbyes, my mom and I hit the road to D.C. It wasn't exactly fun, and I would not suggest driving across the country through a winter storm. We stopped each hour or so to de-ice the car:

It was nerve racking to be going through it all, but we made it safe and sound on Wednesday afternoon. I met all of my roommates, and I don't think I could be matched with better people. And, we are in the top floor of our building. Right down the hall, we have an amazing view of the Mall of Monuments.

From our window, you can see the Arlington Cemetery and the Pentagon. It's very impressive.
The first night we had our Residential meeting, and got to meet everybody living in our building. I've met three people that are interning at the same place as me, as well as quite a few that will be interning at the Potomac Advocates (where Ray interned last semester).
This is going to be an amazing experience. It seemed like it may be overwhelming to meet so many new people at once, but I was pleasantly supprised. Although everyone I have met all come from different backgrounds, there are so many things we all have in common just by being in the program.

This weekend, I'm going out to do some of the tourist things. I start my internship on Monday, so wish me luck!
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  1. Sounds like you are fitting in quite well! I bet it will be exciting just having the opportunity to live in DC for awhile! Take care and keep up the good work

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  3. Aw, Candice! I miss you, and I love you, and have fun, and good luck and all of that stuff I didn't get to say before you left! It sounds like you've been doing pretty good so far - I'm glad! Take care of yourself, and have fun!

    Tau <3 and my own,