Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ooooh I can't believe it!

Wednesday, January 28th
The day had finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to get started. My flight was scheduled for 7:00 a.m. but because of the rain, ice and snow in the DC area, we were delayed for about an hour. I made it to Baltimore at about 1:00 p.m. and took a shuttle bus to my new residence for the semester. The apartments are called Grosvenor Tower, located in North Bethesda, Maryland. After checking into my apartment, I met my new roommate, Brittany. She’s from Boston and goes to school at the University of Massachusetts. She’s really nice and helpful in getting me familiar with the area. Later that day, there was a building meeting for all the TWC students. I made some friends that attend Delaware State University; we’re in the same program (Media & Communications) and class together. After a long day, I was still excited because I couldn’t believe that I was actually here and couldn’t wait for the next day.

Thursday, January 29th
The first day of orientation for all the media & comm. interns. Taking the train is common for people in the DC area. On the way to orientation it was my first time in a subway and riding on a train. I found out pretty quickly to stand to the right when using the escalators because people will just about run you over, trying to get by. Orientation went pretty good and didn’t last too long. I met a guy from Korea; he said his flight to DC was 24 hours and cost $1,500. Wooooow! I met my second roommate, she’s also from Korea. It’s been interesting discussing each others way of life. That evening I went out to eat with my roommate Brittany and some friends in the political leadership program. I had a great time getting to know everyone and of course talking about politics.

Friday, January 30th
The second day of orientation was for all TWC interns. I really enjoyed orientation today. There were some great guest speakers who were motivational. There were 5 things that I learned from them to keep in mind while I’m in here in DC. 1. Never say the B-word… bored; because there will always be something to do. 2. Becoming an active learner 3. How to make what I’ve learned work and impact myself. 4. Not sweating the small stuff and looking at the big picture; understanding what I’m really here for. 5. Consider everything good/bad as an experience; document and reflect. I took note and plan on applying this advice to help make my DC experience even more enjoyable. After orientation I took a trip to Tribune Broadcasting, so I’ll be able to know my way to work on Monday.

Saturday, January 31st
What a day! It began with a trip to downtown DC. I went with a friend I met from Florida, named Jasmine. We’re in the same program and class. We first stopped into the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Next, we went to the Washington Monument. The view was amazing. Then we walked to the Lincoln Memorial. It was breath-taking and gave me chills looking at the huge statue of Abraham Lincoln, and knowing that MLK gave his I have a Dream speech at this very location; and also how this same area was filled with people from all over, to see the inauguration of President Obama. After taking plenty of pictures we headed back to the apartment.

Well, tomorrow is the Super bowl so I’m sure it will be a fun day. Go Steelers!
Quotes from orientation:
“To those whom much have been given; much is expected.”
“You learn from failures, not doing well, rather than having an easy coast to the finish line.”

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  1. I think my favorite quote from orientation was "D.C. is a city of northern charm and southern efficiency". Glad to hear you're doing well!

  2. Erica,
    Sorry I didn't get to see you before you left for the internship. Sounds like you are getting into the excitement of the internship and Washington. Great blogs and pictures. Enjoy the experience and keep describing all the great things that are happening. We are proud of you.
    Dr. Boyd