Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not So Good News

About over, a week ago I was hit with some not so good news. My internship, Tribune Broadcasting, was closing down there bureau.

That day at work was pretty strange. When I went into work I noticed, everyone was there; which was out of the norm, because everyone works different shifts. I sat at my desk as usual, and noticed that they had an out of the norm, meeting in the conference room. Usually, the meetings are at about 5pm each day, to discuss the rundown of the news events. The other intern and I are allowed to sit in those meetings. But during the meeting, that day, it was a Friday, they didn’t need me to go to the meeting.

Two very professional people, I never seen before, also showed up for the meeting. I continued sitting at my desk, while doing some logging and wondering what was going on. Well after about 20 minutes, the meeting was over. My coworkers came out the room, with a completely different expression on their faces. Some went to their offices, to use the phones and some left the building. The mood felt really weird and it was so quiet, I could hear a pin drop. I noticed everyone was no longer doing any work and I was starting to get concerned. After awhile, my supervisor told me of the situation and that everyone had two weeks before the place would be closed down.

He informed me that for the next two weeks, to get as much done for myself, to put together my demo reel. He and the other coworkers were willing to continue to work with me in finishing my projects and learning as much as I can in the next two weeks. I felt really thankful for that and felt sad too, because I just witnessed them basically losing their jobs and felt helpless.

That also means I’ll be out of an internship and that sucks too. I really liked Tribune, the employees and enjoyed everything I worked on and learned from. For about a month, from beginning to end, it was a learning process, and I was looking forward to doing bigger projects and making more progress with Tribune. I’m very thankful for having the opportunity for interning with Tribune and hope for the best for all the employees.

For me, the hunt has been on, in looking for another internship site. My Advisor has been doing a great job in her searches, and we hope to land an internship soon. The past week has been a bit frustrating, but I’ve been taking these things, good and bad as a learning experience. So I’m sure things will work out, for the best.

Quote of the week: “You must have faith that things will turn out the way they should; not necessarily the way you want them too”



  1. Erica, I'm so sorry to hear about this. I wish you luck in finding a new internship. Hang in there things will work out. Good luck!

  2. WOW! Thats crazy! It just goes to show...that the present economy affects us all...Im so sorry to all the employees, I hope everything works out for the better! Take care
    ~Katy Navarro