Monday, March 9, 2009

Wow, How Time Flies!

(I love DC)

Wow, a whole month has gone by since I first arrived in DC. Time fly’s when you’re having fun. A day at the National Geographic Society museum was great. The afternoon was spent looking at the prehistoric artifacts, scientific findings and different cultures. There was so much to see, but didn’t have enough time to view it all.

(inside the mouth a Giant Great White Shark)

Right: (A really huge crystal)

(Pigging out) --->

Every other weekend, the communication interns have what I call, Sunday dinners. We meet up with our advisor at a good but cheap restaurant, eat and discuss how things are going. Our last dinner meeting was at a restaurant called BD’s Mongolian Barbeque. It’s an Asian stir fry restaurant. It’s like a 3 step process: you pick out your food, pile it in a bowl and watch it cook on a huge grill. My first time in a place like that and it was pretty cool too!

The Media & Communications interns had the chance of touring Capitol Hill. The architecture inside the Capitol is amazing. We also visited the Library of Congress. We got a chance to get out Library cards issued to us.

(inside Capitol Hill: "the Whisper Room")
TWC hosted and International Festival. The event feature free food, a DJ, face painting, country
exhibits and performances. It was like a giant cultural diversity celebration. I really enjoyed the festival and the food was delicious. I didn’t realize it was so many international students in the program. I made a lot of friends that day J I enjoyed the performances too and learned a lot of cool facts about the countries and cultures. I think Mexico had the biggest turn out. My roommate from Korea was also on stage representing her country. After the festival, a big group
of us went out for a night of salsa dancing. It was really fun; we danced the night away!
<--- (Korean food)

(We're #1)

(USA & Mexico)

Class is going good. A couple of weeks ago, we had class in the Associated Press building. Our
teacher, Ms. Feldman, works for the AP, so it was a good change of scenery. Ms. Feldman gave us a tour of the building and we met some of the workers there. We’ll start having class there more often so she gave us AP badges. I feel really important now. J

Our first assignment was given back to us, last class. We had to write a 1-2 page paper, on the movie we watched in class called Citizen Kane. In our paper, we had to discuss the ethical issues in the movie, and what we would have done, if given the same situation. I did okay on the paper; I made a B. I’m shooting for an A, on the next assignment.

Quote of the month: “Work hard and Have fun”


  1. Hi there! Are you still interning at the TODAY show in Washington?? I am interning for the show this summer and was wondering how you have enjoyed your experience?

    Katie Love

  2. Hello Katie. Sorry I haven't checked my comments in forever... Hope your internship went well.