Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Down the home stretch!

My time in DC is coming to an end, unfortunately it flew by so fast, I wonder if RSU will let stay another semester!

I just finished my Forensic Psychology class last night and it was a good class that touched on some interesting topics. Anytime you have bright students who want to learn and a professor who shows enthusiasm for the course, I think it is a guarantee to have a good semester.

The past week was a blur with all the work I had going on, but for the most part everything is finished. All I have left to work on is my portfolio for The Washington Center which shows people what I was doing all semester. In the portfolio, I write about things such as my volunteer work and the lecture's I attended. But most importantly I try to persuade or convince the good people at RSU who made this experience possible for me that their $$$ was definitely well spent!

I really don't know where to begin with all of the opportunities this internship has provided me. I could start with the education, the people, the places, and I still think I would forget to mention something or someone.

The educational benefits alone, my gosh! The lectures that you attend on a variety of important topics that are presented by some very respected individuals. You learn from your job, the people at your job, the people you meet through your job-NETWORKING! Then there is the college course you take such as Forensic Psych. Also, you can learn a lot from your fellow interns that come from all walks of life. Aside from my time in the Marine Corps, this semester has been one the best learning experiences of my life.

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  1. Very well said Mr. GOOldy!!